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The momentous first blog…

It is now almost exactly a month until I depart on the big ride to, if I’m honest, God only knows where. A month until I start heading east let’s just say. Full details to come! Right, now I’m in full planning mode dashing about building my bike, working out routes and of course, looking for Christmas presents. I fear the next four weeks are about to evaporate, so I have taken this evening to get to grips with this website before I find myself marooned in some desolate east European forest and want to tell the world about my sub-par average speed that day…

I’m going to start this all off by talking about a charity bike ride I did back on the 25th of November (2017) to raise money for Endometriosis UK. This is what I posted on Facebook  in the weeks before to raise awareness, so it’ll do for here…

“Right, so I foolishly declared I thought I could cycle 200 miles in one day on my second hand ebay bike to raise money for charity… Now the time is coming round & I find myself faced with this slightly crazy challenge. I am attempting this to raise money for Endometriosis UK, a charity that supports 1 in 10 women with this condition. Women affected experience severe chronic pain on a daily basis, forcing them to restrict their eating, drinking & physical activities to lessen its impact.

This cause became personal to me through being with Shauna. Seeing its effects first-hand led me to want to take action & do my bit to support both her & others that are dealing with endo.

If anyone here can donate just a small amount of money I’d be so grateful. I shall be setting off at 2AM on the 25th of November 2017, wish me luck….”



Photo: Myself and Shauna on the Thames..

So the gauntlet was set, over £1000 raised before I hit the start line in Bristol, I definitely had the momentum going into this, but for how long?


Continued in PT. 2

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