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I’ve been genuinely surprised at how many people have been interested in this trip. It all went a bit crazy in the final few weeks, with two BBC interviews and a couple on local radio stations. If you fancy learning a bit more about the trip and my ideas for planning etc, then have a listen in. I can definitely say a lot more than I can type!


The final days before departure consisted, predictably, of a mad scramble for last minute items. So much so, that I made two trips to the bike shop on the day I was due to leave. Better late than never.


My bike Tina was looking like a suitably packed mule ready to take on the continents rougher contours and testing weather; I on the other hand, was not. The lovely UK weather wasted no time in providing a hefty downpour for the send off, and I donned my fresh looking waterproofs as I started my last round of packing checks. The forecast was for rain all day, rain and snow tomorrow and possibly rain the following day; it looked as though this would be my outfit of choice for all the UK riding.

Having spent countless nights in the garage building Tina with my Dad, it was very reassuring that she actually moved when fully laden! Free from the sounds of creaking and rubbing brakes that had occupied our evenings, she seemed a calm steed. A feeling of butterflies had properly crept in now and the whole situation felt incredibly odd. I had  decided I was going to do this trip years ago, been planning it for months and now the road was just there.


I wished my family goodbye, before pointing my bike towards London and riding into the rain. Lets see how this goes.

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