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I am still alive. I am still cycling. Apologies for leaving it so very long before updating this page, there is a lot to tell and now hopefully time to tell it. My last update was from north-west India, 6 weeks ago, which really is an age when it feels like a sensory kitchen sink is thrown at you on the daily. I am now in Chiang Mai in northern Thailand and thinking back to riding through India, Nepal, India again and Myanmar, there are a lot of snippets and stories I’m excited to share.

The main reason for not updating the page here is that I’ve been riding very hard over the last month. Combine that with having a friend fly out for a few weeks to cycle with me in Nepal and you have all my excuses served up on a plate – with the ‘riding very hard’ bit being the meaty main. Over the past 3 weeks I’ve cycled 2000 miles over four countries and seen every sunrise and set since Nepal. I would start cycling at 4am in the dark before finishing sometime later in the dark again. It’s been a lot of fun, not a lot of fun and everything between the two. A life of polarity means you always feel something, even if that something is horrific for long periods. Bike tours through these countries don’t do indifference, something I’ve come to enjoy over time.

Before I get stuck in with the nitty gritty of the blog entries I’ll do some media house keeping. A lovely couple, Jenny and Mario, filmed an interview with me whilst I was in India which they published and I’ll link it here. They are seriously talented and the video turned out really good. So good in fact the BBC got in touch just after I linked it on Instagram to ask for a second interview on the radio. Which brings me on to my extremely tired radio broadcast for BBC Berkshire. If you’re interested, have a watch and a listen!

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