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Like many that came before and inspired me to hit the road, I packed up my life onto a bike in January 2018 and have been cycling east ever since.

It’s been a fair few kilometres and countries since then, but the love of the adventurous life is definitely still there. My bike has taken me across Europe, Asia, Oceania and now I’m happily riding northwards in South America. I post my Blog entries here, and also write for various cycling magazines and websites.

For this section (Lima to New York) I am raising money for Off The Record (OTR), a mental health charity for young people in the Bristol. They provide free sessions in friendly public spaces for young people with healthcare professionals.

The number of student suicides increased dramatically during my time studying at Bristol University, with 4 first years tragically taking their lives in the first term of my final year alone. I want to help the charity continue with their vital work in the city – providing a comfortable space for young people to seek help. If you think the cause worthwhile and the challenge big enough, please donate via

I want to help the next wave of cyclists

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