Riding for Endometriosis – Pt. 2

A normal bike ride for me doesn't usually start with riding away from the destination, or at 2:30 am for that matter! I guess I should've stopped trying to make comparisons there, this was going to be a 'unique' day. Riding up to the Clifton suspension bridge to take a quick 'start-line' snap, I felt … Continue reading Riding for Endometriosis – Pt. 2

Riding for Endometriosis – PT. 1

The momentous first blog... It is now almost exactly a month until I depart on the big ride to, if I'm honest, God only knows where. A month until I start heading east let's just say. Full details to come! Right, now I'm in full planning mode dashing about building my bike, working out routes … Continue reading Riding for Endometriosis – PT. 1