Less Riding, more Luminous Plankton

Phnom Penh is a strange place. Hulking metal high rise buildings flanked by fleets of busy cranes; all encircled by valet parking spaces full of luxury German cars. The Cambodia of just 10km’s in any direction may well be on another continent - relegated to history books where young children point and laugh in disbelief … Continue reading Less Riding, more Luminous Plankton

Friends On Tour – A Nepalese Birthday

One thing I’ve loved about going away is how ironically it’s brought me closer to people back home. Acquaintances have become good friends, sending messages of support that have really given me a boost when times are tough on the road. Katy has always been a good school friend, one I’ve done a bit of … Continue reading Friends On Tour – A Nepalese Birthday

Prague to Berlin with the Boys – PT. 1

So it turns out I'm not the only family member stupid enough to want to ride a slow bike through foreign countries. My cousins Rhys and Rhodri also appear to have been missing a few brain cells when deciding they'd like to ride from Budapest to Berlin. Good on them! Rhys was riding to raise … Continue reading Prague to Berlin with the Boys – PT. 1