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A diary that started life out on the road – cycling around the world. What was meant to be a direct route from London to Sydney over a year quickly became indirect, one year became two and Sydney was left in rearview mirror as New Zealand and South America beckoned once reaching the Opera house. After clocking up 42 000 km’s one swelteringly hot day in southern Mexico, Corona was no longer just a beer and the pandemic forced me back home to where it all started in the UK. The remaining route up to New York and down the UK will certainly be finished, and more money will hopefully be raised for OTR Bristol in doing so.

Life does move on however, and right now I am studying for a PhD based in Oxford. Instead of rehashing old stories and living in wait for the final stint, the excitement of ultra races and short adventures beckon. Those two years were just the beginning, and I’m intrigued to embrace this new chapter.┬áIf you’re interested in bikepacking, cycling in general or some funny stories from the road, I hope you can come along with me and enjoy this space.