Sydney to Sydney (via New Zealand) – Part 1

The adventure starts when the plan goes wrong. As everything goes awry you engage with the now; trying to sort out the inevitable mess you find yourself in provides the most interesting, funny and stupid tales of the trip - which, let’s face it is why we all leave home.  Two years ago I was … Continue reading Sydney to Sydney (via New Zealand) – Part 1

A Long Time Coming – Melbourne to Sydney

Melbourne had been like a ‘Bristol’ on the other side of the world, and as it came time to leave, I was hoping for the sunny Somerset weather on show at Glastonbury to turn out here as I left for Sydney. This was it, the ‘final’ leg of the journey I had set out to … Continue reading A Long Time Coming – Melbourne to Sydney

Rain & Road Angels – Adelaide to Melbourne

Jim and Irene are family I never knew I had. In fact, neither did they until they visited Wales just a few weeks ago. Intrigued into searching back their family tree, they ended up visiting the small village in west Wales where the Welsh part of my family live. Tucked away amongst the rolling green … Continue reading Rain & Road Angels – Adelaide to Melbourne

Outback and Beyond – Albany to Adelaide

A journey in its own right, the last two weeks have been unforgettable - 2500 cold kilometers heading eastwards across the Australian outback. The supposed westerly tailwinds turned out to be quite the opposite, yet, the journey from Albany to Adelaide gave me much more than I had ever anticipated. Yes, I spent many nights … Continue reading Outback and Beyond – Albany to Adelaide

Hey Hey WA – Singapore to Albany

Pushing a trolley holding a giant cardboard box into Singapore International airport, I immediately drew more than a few odds looks. Anything unusual in airports seem to gather far more attention than anywhere else, and today, me and my bike were to be the unusual thing. Nobody seemed to pay any attention to the giant … Continue reading Hey Hey WA – Singapore to Albany

From Krabi to KL

Krabi is a dive of a destination. After a day supposed rest there, we were more than keen to be on our way out. For myself, Molly and Haydn, the south Thai roads were beckoning, and although there was to be no coastal riding until Malaysia, anything would be better than the bed-bug infested hostel … Continue reading From Krabi to KL

Less Riding, more Luminous Plankton – Phnom Penh to Krabi

Phnom Penh is a strange place. Hulking metal high rise buildings flanked by fleets of busy cranes; all encircled by valet parking spaces full of luxurious German cars. The Cambodia of just 10km’s in any direction may as well be on another continent - relegated to history books where young children point and laugh in … Continue reading Less Riding, more Luminous Plankton – Phnom Penh to Krabi

Adventures across Vietnam

Once again it’s been a while since I last posted oh here – sorry Mum! The truth is I have never been writing so much as I have these past few weeks: articles for cycling websites, magazines, music journals – basically everything but here. Because it’s been such a long time, I’ll start off with … Continue reading Adventures across Vietnam

A New Year & Anniversary

It was a different Luang Prabang to the one I’d left just over two weeks ago. Then I’d driven to the airport on a motorbike with my friend, Angelique, riding pillion before waving goodbye as I boarded a flight to see my parents for Christmas in Hanoi. Having cycled seriously hard over the preceding weeks … Continue reading A New Year & Anniversary