Just follow the Danube

The Danube was one of my key markers for traversing Europe, with a lack of contours scarcely imaginable on my detour into the Swiss alps, it always seemed like the ideal path to warm my fresh legs into the touring world. Once the frontier of the Roman Empire, it now hosts the far more important … Continue reading Just follow the Danube

Skiers on the bike path

Three years ago I cycled from Helsinki to Berlin, with the idea of meeting some interesting people and exploring new lands. Arriving in Berlin, I was keen to celebrate the end of expansive pine forests and having successfully fended off a wild boar the previous night. Luckily for me, there were two people who were … Continue reading Skiers on the bike path

All roads lead to Bern

Now at the end of my second week on the road, I find myself in a city I had no intentions of visiting, until, well, a week ago. In fact I had no idea where Bern was until a week ago. However I can safely say I now have an acute muscle memory of the … Continue reading All roads lead to Bern

Bourne End through Belgium

Today is my seventh day on the road, and well, what a week it’s been! I’m currently sipping on a chocolat chaud, the classic version according to the lady, and enjoying what the quaint city of Namur has to offer. In short, I’m feeling world away from cycling into that rain last Saturday. After taking … Continue reading Bourne End through Belgium

And so it begins…

I've been genuinely surprised at how many people have been interested in this trip. It all went a bit crazy in the final few weeks, with two BBC interviews and a couple on local radio stations. If you fancy learning a bit more about the trip and my ideas for planning etc, then have a … Continue reading And so it begins…

The Big Trip Announcement…

So here it is! The 'big Bertha'! This is the proposed route from London to Sydney, tackling the highest accessible roads Eurasia (and the world) has to offer. Any chance of a westerly breeze...? It is becoming very real now that little red line has come into existence that I shall start following this trail … Continue reading The Big Trip Announcement…

Prague to Berlin with the Boys – PT. 2

After refuelling in the nice town of Litomerice, the roads began to mercilessly point for the skies. The steep gradients were unrelenting in the 30+ degree heat and soon everyone began to feel all kinds of burn. Approximately half an hour of climbing led us to our first downhill, which seemingly robbed us of all … Continue reading Prague to Berlin with the Boys – PT. 2

Prague to Berlin with the Boys – PT. 1

So it turns out I'm not the only family member stupid enough to want to ride a slow bike through foreign countries. My cousins Rhys and Rhodri also appear to have been missing a few brain cells when deciding they'd like to ride from Budapest to Berlin. Good on them! Rhys was riding to raise … Continue reading Prague to Berlin with the Boys – PT. 1

Riding for Endometriosis – Pt. 2

A normal bike ride for me doesn't usually start with riding away from the destination, or at 2:30 am for that matter! I guess I should've stopped trying to make comparisons there, this was going to be a 'unique' day. Riding up to the Clifton suspension bridge to take a quick 'start-line' snap, I felt … Continue reading Riding for Endometriosis – Pt. 2

Riding for Endometriosis – PT. 1

The momentous first blog... It is now almost exactly a month until I depart on the big ride to, if I'm honest, God only knows where. A month until I start heading east let's just say. Full details to come! Right, now I'm in full planning mode dashing about building my bike, working out routes … Continue reading Riding for Endometriosis – PT. 1